Volvo Dealership Near Me

Volvo Dealership Near Me

Buying a new or used Volvo is an exciting experience. Volvo makes safe, reliable, and luxurious vehicles that are fun to drive. When you’re ready to purchase your dream Volvo, finding a top-notch dealership near you in the UK is key.

This article provides tips on locating Volvo dealers, what to look for in a dealership, and information on some of the top-rated Volvo dealerships across the UK.

How to Find Volvo Dealerships Near Me

Finding Volvo dealerships in your area is easy with a few simple steps:

  • Search online – Simply search “Volvo dealers near me” or “Volvo dealers in [your city]” to find dealerships located close by. You can also visit the Volvo Cars UK website and use their dealer locator tool.
  • Check your local business directory – Many business directories like have categories for car dealerships. Look under the “Volvo” heading to find ones nearby.
  • Ask for recommendations – Friends, family, coworkers and neighbors who own Volvos can suggest dealers they’ve had good experiences with.
  • Stop by dealerships – If you see Volvo dealers in your daily travels, pop in or check out their websites to learn more.
  • Consider expanding your search – Don’t limit yourself to dealerships right around the corner. Sometimes traveling a bit further leads to better service, prices and selection.

Once you compile a list of Volvo dealerships in your area, you can start researching them in more depth.

How To Find Volvo Dealerships Near Me
How to Find Volvo Dealerships Near Me

What to Look for in a Volvo Dealership

Not all car dealerships are equal. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a Volvo dealer:

  • Reputation – Read online reviews and check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure the dealership has a solid reputation for fair prices, honest dealings, and good customer service.
  • Staff expertise – Look for Volvo brand specialists on staff who are knowledgeable about the entire Volvo line-up.
  • Volvo certified – For pre-owned Volvos, opt for Volvo certified pre-owned vehicles from Volvo certified dealers to get manufacturer backing.
  • Service department – Ask about the service department’s credentials like manufacturer certifications and technician training.
  • Facilities – Modern showrooms, service bays, and amenities make for an enjoyable dealership experience.
  • Test drives – Dealerships should allow extended test drives of any vehicle you’re interested in.
  • Inventory – Dealers with a large, varied inventory make it easier to find the perfect Volvo for your needs.
  • Incentives – Look for dealers offering competitive pricing, sales and specials. Ask about financing options too.

Doing research helps you find a Volvo retailer with the best overall package of service, selection and prices.

Top-Rated Volvo Dealerships in the UK

Volvo has over 130 official dealers spread across the UK. Here are some of the highest-rated ones to consider:

Kent – Snows Volvo

With two locations in Kent, Snows Volvo has a stellar reputation for its expansive Volvo inventory and exemplary service department. They offer new and approved used Volvos along with servicing, parts and accessories.

West Midlands – Johnsons Volvo

Johnsons Volvo near Wolverhampton provides shoppers with a vast selection of new and used Volvos at their state-of-the-art dealership. Perks include low rate financing, servicing plans, and a free car wash with every service.

South East – Dick Lovett Volvo

Dick Lovett Volvo is a reputable Volvo retailer with six dealership locations across Berkshire, Hampshire, and Sussex. Beyond sales, this dealer group offers high-quality servicing, genuine Volvo parts, and online service booking.

Sheffield – Volvo Cars Sheffield

This Volvo dealer located on the outskirts of Sheffield features huge indoor showrooms to showcase new and pre-owned Volvo cars, vans and 4x4s. Their on-site service department has factory trained technicians and utilizes the latest diagnostic equipment.

Scotland – Taggarts Volvo

Taggarts has been selling and servicing Volvos in Scotland since the 1960s. They are Scotland’s largest Volvo dealer with locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Taggarts is a Volvo awarded Premier Retailer and provides exceptional service.

Cardiff – Sinclair Volvo

Sinclair Volvo is a family-owned and run Volvo dealership located right in Cardiff city centre. They are committed to making the car buying and ownership experience straightforward for all customers when it comes to new or used Volvos.

Top-Rated Volvo Dealerships In The Uk
Top-Rated Volvo Dealerships in the UK
Snows VolvoKent
Johnsons VolvoWest Midlands
Dick Lovett VolvoSouth East
Volvo Cars SheffieldSheffield
Taggarts VolvoScotland
Sinclair VolvoCardiff
Cardiff – Sinclair Volvo

This table summarizes the top-rated Volvo dealers profiled above by name and location.

Get Started at a Volvo Dealership Today

The best way to experience Volvo’s renowned safety, luxury, and performance is to visit one of their trusted dealerships. Now that you know key factors to look for and have a list of top UK Volvo retailers, you can start exploring dealerships in your area. Test drive your favorite models, discuss prices and financing, and find the perfect Volvo for your needs.

Locating a reputable Volvo dealership with exceptional customer service will make your car buying experience hassle-free. By following the tips in this article and doing thorough research, you can have confidence you are choosing the right Volvo retailer. Don’t wait – visit a top-rated Volvo dealership near you today to get the keys to your dream Volvo!

details about Volvo’s certified pre-owned vehicle program:

Volvo Certified Pre-Owned (VCPO) is Volvo’s used car program for late model Volvo vehicles. VCPO provides consumers with a higher level of reassurance when purchasing a pre-owned Volvo.

To qualify as VCPO, a Volvo must:

  • Be less than 7 years old
  • Have less than 150,000 miles
  • Pass a rigorous 200+ point inspection
  • Be reconditioned to meet Volvo’s standards
  • Have a clean title/accident history
  • Offer extended limited warranty coverage
  • Provide roadside assistance
  • Come with a vehicle history report

Additional benefits of buying VCPO through a certified Volvo dealer:

  • Access to low APR financing deals
  • Volvo trained technicians perform inspections and reconditioning
  • 24/7 roadside assistance for 1 year
  • Rental car reimbursement for warranted repairs
  • renewal of powertrain warranty up to 7 years/150k miles
  • Option to upgrade warranty for added coverage

Volvo VCPO cars offer the peace of mind of driving a vehicle that has been thoroughly inspected, reconditioned, and backed by extended warranty coverage. For pre-owned Volvo buyers, the VCPO program provides excellent value and assurance. Visit your nearest Volvo certified dealer to check out their VCPO inventory.

Details About Volvo's Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Program:
details about Volvo’s certified pre-owned vehicle program:

Additional Fees for Volvo CPO Purchases

  • Certification fee – This is a fee charged by the dealer to cover the cost of the certification process and inspections. The fee can vary by dealer, but is typically $395-$695.
  • Taxes – As with any vehicle purchase, you will need to pay applicable state/local sales tax on a VCPO. Some states offer tax breaks on certified pre-owned cars.
  • Registration fees – Standard registration and title transfer fees apply when registering a VCPO vehicle. Fees vary by state.
  • Dealer processing fee – Many dealers charge this documentation fee, which can be $200-$500 extra on top of the sales price.
  • Optional extended warranty – You can choose to upgrade the included factory-backed warranty for an additional cost. Extended warranty prices depend on the coverage chosen.
  • Financing costs – If you opt to finance your VCPO purchase, there will be interest charges of course. Volvo dealers often offer low APR financing on certified vehicles.

While VCPO vehicles do come with some extra fees, the vehicle inspection, reconditioning, warranty and CPO perks that come with it are often worth the extra cost when compared to buying non-certified used. Be sure to factor in all these fees when negotiating your best out-the-door price. Many dealers are willing to negotiate on the certification fee as part of the deal.

Here are some potential FAQs for an article about finding a Volvo dealership in your area:


How many Volvo dealers are there in the UK?

Volvo has around 180 official retail partners located throughout the UK.

What models are typically available at Volvo showrooms?

Most dealers stock popular models like the XC40, XC60, and XC90 SUVs along with S60 sedans and V60/V90 wagons.

Should I buy from a large or small local Volvo dealer?

Size doesn’t always indicate quality. Evaluate inventory, reviews, staff, and services when choosing. Smaller retailers can provide more personalized service.

Does Volvo offer any discounts or savings for local buyers?

Yes, retailers often provide special offers to customers who live or work near the dealership. Ask about any local purchase incentives.

How can I evaluate Volvo dealers without visiting in person first?

Start by browsing their website and online reviews. You can also call to inquire about inventory, test drives, and service capabilities.

What type of certification do Volvo technicians have?

Volvo requires factory training and certification for technicians to perform warranty repairs. Look for VIDA-trained mechanics.

Should I get quotes from multiple local Volvo retailers?

Comparing pricing and services from a few dealers helps find the best overall value. Negotiation is expected.

What perks do Volvo dealerships typically offer?

Many provide complimentary services like multi-point inspections, car washes, loaner vehicles, shuttle rides, and WiFi during visits.

How far is reasonable to travel to a Volvo dealer?

Most aim to have retailers within a 30-45 minute drive locally, but expanded service areas can reach 1-2 hours away.

Can Volvo dealers service other luxury brands?

Some retailers are Volvo-only, while others also provide sales and service for additional luxury makes they are certified for.


Purchasing your new or used Volvo close to home provides convenience during the buying process and over your ownership experience. Take time to research area retailers, visit showrooms, and take test drives to determine the right fit based on inventory, professionalism, pricing, and services.

Building a relationship with a properly equipped neighborhood Volvo dealer ensures you have a go-to resource for maintenance, repairs, parts, and even future vehicle purchases. While getting acquainted with the retailer, don’t hesitate to ask questions and evaluate responsiveness. Locating your ideal local partner dealership helps ensure an excellent Volvo experience for years to come each time you get behind the wheel.

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