smart car dealer near me

Smart Car Dealer Near Me

The Rise of Smart Car Dealerships Near Me

If you’re in the market for a new car, you may have considered getting a smart car dealer. Smart cars are known for their compact size, efficiency, and innovative features. As smart cars have grown in

popularity over the past decade, more dealerships dedicated to selling these tiny vehicles have popped up across the country. Here’s what you need to know about finding smart car dealers near you.

  • Smart cars are small, two-seater vehicles made by Smart, a division of Daimler AG
  • The main models available in the US are the Fortwo coupe/convertible and Forfour hatchback
  • Smart cars stand out for their compact size, maneuverability, efficiency, safety features, and customization

As more drivers recognize the benefits of smart cars for urban areas, dealerships catering to the smart brand have emerged.

Benefits of Purchasing from a Smart Car Dealer

Purchasing your smart car from a specialized dealer provides advantages:

  • They offer the full lineup of smart models and styles to test drive
  • Salespeople are experts on the brand and can provide detailed guidance
  • They have technicians trained specifically to service smart cars
  • They often have a high volume of smart cars in stock
  • They may offer discounts, rebates, and incentives for purchases

For the best experience, a dealership dedicated to smart is recommended.

How to Find Smart Car Dealers Near You

If you’ve decided a smart car is right for you, here are tips for finding local dealers:

  • Search online using terms like “smart car dealer near me”
  • Check Daimler’s official dealer locator tool at
  • Look for dedicated smart “centers” within larger dealerships
  • Contact local Mercedes-Benz or European brand dealers
  • Consider used car dealers like CarMax with smart cars
  • Attend auto shows to talk to smart brand reps

Always verify a dealer is authorized before visiting. Unauthorized used car lots may falsely claim to sell smart cars.

How To Find Smart Car Dealers Near You
How to Find Smart Car Dealers Near You

What to Expect at a Smart Car Dealership

When visiting a smart car dealer, here’s what to expect:

  • Smaller showrooms since smart cars take up less space
  • Salespeople dedicated specifically to explaining smart car technology
  • Options to customize your car with removable roof panels, smartphone tech, etc.
  • Opportunity to test drive any models you’re considering
  • Service department with specialized expertise in maintaining and repairing smart cars
  • A more tailored, boutique car buying experience

Purchasing from an authorized dealer ensures you get warranty coverage, certified techs, and reliable customer service.

Comparing Smart Car Models and Styles

Smart offers several models and body styles to suit different needs:

  • Fortwo – The classic two-seat smart with either coupe or convertible bodies
  • Forfour – A four-seat, four-door smart hatchback
  • Electric Drive – Electric versions of the Fortwo and Forfour
  • Brabus – Performance versions with more power and upgrades
Comparing Smart Car Models And Styles
Comparing Smart Car Models and Styles

Considerations when comparing models:

  • Number of seats
  • Gas vs electric powertrain
  • Manual vs automatic transmission
  • Hardtop vs soft top convertible
  • Customization options and packages
  • Available safety, technology, and convenience features

Test driving your top contenders can help you determine which smart model best fits your priorities.

Key Features That Set Smart Cars Apart

Smart cars have unique qualities and innovations that set them apart:

  • Ultra-compact dimensions make parking and navigating tight spaces easy
  • Short turning radius allows incredible maneuverability
  • Fun, lively driving dynamics provide go-kart-like handling
  • Advanced safety systems like collision prevention and crosswind assist
  • High fuel efficiency – up to 40 mpg combined
  • Electric models have 80+ mile range and fast charging capacity
  • removable roof panels on some models enhance open-air freedom
  • Available high-tech features like interactive LED screens, navigation, and smartphone integration

These innovative features help smart cars stand out as a leader in small, efficient urban transportation.

Key Features That Set Smart Cars Apart
Key Features That Set Smart Cars Apart

What Owners Love About Their Smart Cars

Current smart car owners praise their vehicles for:

  • Ease of parking – the tiny size lets owners fit in the tightest curbside spots
  • Zipping around congested city streets thanks to nimble handling
  • Saving money on gas thanks to 40+ mpg fuel efficiency
  • Fun, lively driving experience and head-turning styling
  • Reliable safety ratings to put owners’ minds at ease
  • Technology like real-time traffic alerts that make commuting less stressful
  • Roomy interior space despite the exterior compact dimensions
  • Being easy to customize with color panels, decals, wheels, and other accessories

For city dwellers, smart cars provide a practical small car without sacrificing style or performance.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Smart Car

While smart cars have many benefits, weigh a few factors before purchasing:

  • Initial cost is higher than some mainstream subcompacts
  • Two-seaters limitcargo capacity and passenger room
  • Electric models have limited range compared to gas-powered
  • Tight handling may feel twitchy to some drivers
  • Resale value declines faster than larger vehicles
  • Top speed is limited to 90 mph
  • Taller drivers may find legroom lacking
  • Model selection is limited to just two main body styles
  • Dealership servicing can be costlier than normal brands

However, smart shoppers who analyze their needs can determine if the smart car’s advantages outweigh any compromises.

Questions to Ask at the Smart Car Dealer

Don’t be shy about asking questions when visiting your smart dealer:

  • What are the exact dimensions and cargo space of each model?
  • How does charging work for the electric models – is there public infrastructure, at-home charging, or fast-charging?
  • What customization options are available – different color panels, wheels, wraps, interior upgrades?
  • Does this dealership perform maintenance and repairs for smart cars?
  • What warranty coverage, roadside assistance, etc is included by the manufacturer?
  • Are there any current purchase incentives or discounts available?
  • What add-ons would you recommend for how I plan to use this vehicle?
  • Can I see a vehicle history report for this specific car?

By getting all your questions answered, you can determine if a smart car is the right fit.

Questions To Ask At The Smart Car Dealer
Questions to Ask at the Smart Car Dealer

Where to Find a Good Deal on a smart car

Here are tips for finding a good deal on a new or used smart car:

  • Shop end of model year sales for discounts on previous year smart cars
  • Look for dealers running special promotions, cash back offers, or low APR financing
  • Consider lightly used smart cars which have taken the initial depreciation hit
  • Search online listings on sites like Autotrader, TrueCar, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace for private sellers
  • Get pre-approved for financing to qualify for better rates
  • Ask about certified pre-owned smart cars which come with extended warranty coverage
  • Calculate total cost of ownership including gas, maintenance, insurance, etc
  • Compare quotes from multiple dealers to negotiate the best overall price

Doing research, shopping around, and asking for discounts can help you score an affordable smart car.

Why You Should Consider Buying from a Smart Car Dealer

Here’s a recap of the benefits of purchasing your smart car from an authorized specialty dealer:

  • Gain expertise from salespeople trained specifically on smart cars
  • Test drive the full model lineup in one location
  • Accessorize your car with customized add-ons and packages
  • Receive service and repairs from smart certified technicians
  • Qualify for available new car incentives, rebates, and financing deals
  • Get assistance choosing the ideal smart model for your needs
  • Confirm the car’s history when buying pre-owned
  • Enjoy a boutique, tailored car buying experience

For the best overall ownership experience, a smart car dealer is the way to go. With more choices and expert guidance, you can feel confident in joining the smart movement.


Q: What models of smart cars are available in the US?
A: The two main models sold in the US are the Fortwo, a two-seat coupe or convertible, and the Forfour, a four-seat hatchback. Electric drive versions are also available.

Q: How much do smart cars cost compared to other small cars?
A: New smart cars have an MSRP starting around $15,000 for gas models and $24,000 for electric models, which is higher than brands like Nissan and Toyota. But used smart cars can be very affordable.

Q: Are smart cars safe despite their small size?
A: Yes, smart cars receive high safety ratings and have standard safety features like airbags and ABS. Their steel safety cell protects occupants.

Q: How reliable are smart cars?
A: In various reliability surveys, smart cars rate average to above average compared to other brands. Maintaining them according to factory recommendations is important.

Q: Do all smart car dealerships also sell Mercedes-Benz models?
A: Many do, since Smart is a Daimler brand, but some dealerships are dedicated exclusively to smart vehicles. Check with your local dealer.

Q: Should I buy new or used from a smart car dealer?
A: Buying new provides more choices, incentives, and warranty coverage. But used smart cars can be a great value, especially certified pre-owned models. Shop around to compare prices.


Smart car dealerships provide the best place to experience these innovative mini cars in person. Their niche expertise, test drive opportunities, and product selection make them the ideal choice for learning about and investing in a smart car. Drivers who value efficiency, technology,

and maneuverability in an affordable package will find smart cars a great urban mobility solution. By finding a trusted local smart dealer, you can become a satisfied member of the growing smart car community.

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