How Can I Get A Free Car From Dealership?


In today’s economy, buying a new car is a major expense that many people cannot afford. However, there are some clever ways you can get a car totally free from a dealership by leveraging promotions, contests, and incentives.

With some persistence and creativity, you can drive away in a brand new ride without paying a dime.

Get Familiar with Dealership Incentives

Most dealerships run special promotions multiple times a year to drive traffic and sales. Pay attention to these seasonal incentives, as they could score you steep discounts or even a free car. Major holidays like Christmas, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day,

and Thanksgiving are prime times for major sales drives. Dealers may offer discounts on certain models, throw in additional features for free, or reduce finance rates. Around these times of year, you may find some of the best opportunities to get a free vehicle.

You should also look out for annual clearances when dealers are looking to sell last year’s models to make room for new inventory. Slow periods like winter months or the end of each quarter are additional times when dealers will be more motivated to make irresistible offers.

Get Familiar With Dealership Incentives
Get Familiar with Dealership Incentives

Understand Dealer Incentive Programs

Manufacturers often offer various incentives and rebates to dealers to help drive sales. These special offers allow dealers extra wiggle room to give customers like you steep discounts or extras. Ask the dealer about any current incentive programs that may help you get a free car.

  • Cashback offers: Get a check back from the manufacturer after purchase.
  • Low APR financing: Reduced or even 0% interest financing allows you to pay less over the loan term.
  • Lease pull-ahead: Turn in your leased vehicle early to get into a new car.
  • Conquest incentives: Discounts for trading in a competitor’s model.

Some of these incentives can stack, letting you combine offers for even greater savings. With the right combination, you may be able to get a car for free.

Enter Contests and Sweepstakes

Dealerships and manufacturers frequently run contests and sweepstakes with the grand prize of a free car. Search online and follow dealers’ social media to find these opportunities. Some common contests include:

  • Facebook competitions asking you to like, share, or comment for a chance to win.
  • Instagram contests requiring you to post a photo or video using a branded hashtag.
  • Submitting a short entry form either online or at a dealership.
  • Filling out a survey about your opinions on a new model.
  • Test driving a vehicle and entering a drawing.
  • Referring friends or family to purchase.
  • Checking in on social media during a special sales event.

The time commitment and eligibility requirements will vary for each contest. Make sure to read the fine print so you understand your odds and any taxes or fees you may owe on the prize. With some luck on your side, entering contests can help you win a car for free.

Enter Contests And Sweepstakes
Enter Contests and Sweepstakes

take advantage of referral program

Many dealers have referral programs that reward existing customers for bringing in new buyers. For example, you may get $100 or more for every person you refer who goes on to purchase a car.

Ask the sales rep about their policy. If you have a large network you can tap into, you may be able to earn enough referral bonuses to walk away with a free car yourself.

Make sure to read the fine print to understand exactly how the program works. Find out:

  • The referral amount offered for each new customer.
  • Any minimum purchase required to earn the referral.
  • When the reward is paid out.
  • Any expiration dates for claiming the reward.

Negotiate Complementary Extras

While negotiating with the dealer on the purchase price of a car, don’t forget to also ask about throwing in complementary extras. Typical options to negotiate for free or at a steep discount include:

  • Rust protection packages
  • Extended warranties
  • Maintenance packages
  • Oil changes
  • Detail packages
  • Tire rotations
  • Satellite radio subscriptions
  • Accessories like floor mats

Bundles of these free extras can amount to over a thousand dollars in added value. Go through each add-on being offered and negotiate to get them included for free to help offset the purchase price.

Negotiate Complementary Extras
Negotiate Complementary Extras

Bundle Multiple Offers

You time your purchase during a major holiday sale where the dealer is offering 20% off. There is also a current cashback offer from the manufacturer of $2,500 on the model you want. You qualify for a conquest incentive of $1,000 for trading in a competitor’s car.

After haggling on extras, you get free floor mats, an upgraded sound system, and a 5-year maintenance package included. You put down $5,000 as a down payment from money you’ve saved up and enter a drawing at the dealership for a chance to get your down payment refunded.

A month later, you get a call that you won the drawing, and your $5,000 is returned. Between the discounts, rebates, and refund of your down payment, you drove away in a brand new car without paying anything out of pocket. With persistence and perfect timing,

Strategies for Getting a Free Car from a Dealership

  • Ask about demos, loaners, factory cancellations – Dealers want to clear these at low prices
  • Volunteer your new car as a mobile billboard in exchange for free vehicle
  • Get pre-qualified financing to show you’re a serious buyer
  • Time purchases at end of model year, holidays, new inventory arrivals
  • Stack discounts, rebates and incentives for maximum savings
  • Enter contests and sweepstakes for a chance to win
  • Refer friends and family and earn rewards
  • Negotiate free add-ons like extended warranties and maintenance packages

With the right timing and combination of strategies, you can potentially get a free new car. Key is flexibility, persistence, and leveraging multiple angles. Do your research and get creative!

Strategies For Getting A Free Car From A Dealership

Use Extreme Couponing Strategies

Coupons, incentives, rebates, and rewards programs offer huge savings on brand new cars. Savvy buyers can stack them together to score crazy low prices – sometimes even a hundred percent off. This is known as extreme auto couponing.

To try extreme couponing for a free car:

Collect current incentives – Look for deals online and sign up for brand emails to get notices of specials. Strategically time purchases – Buying at year end or right before new models arrive can earn the best stackable discounts.

  • Negotiate additional discounts – Seek extra savings off MSRP or for add-ons once you have all the standard discounts applied.
  • Pay attention to the fine print – Make sure you understand all the terms so offers can be combined. Have paperwork reviewed.
  • Don’t hesitate to walk out – Being willing to walk away if a dealer won’t stack discounts can motivate them to negotiate.

With hours of research and planning, the stars can align to get a $40,000 car for $20,000, a $20,000 car for $10,000, or possibly even drop the price to zero. It takes determination and persistence, but the savings are worth it.

Try for Free Car PR Stunts

As a public relations tactic, some dealers will give away free cars for the enormous amount of media attention it earns them. TV news stories and viral social media posts of customers screaming when they learn they got a free car are marketing gold.

Dealerships often partner with companies or charities to donate cars to worthy recipients. Some proactive ideas include:

  • Enter a charity raffle – Check local nonprofits for car giveaway fundraisers. Buy tickets and keep your fingers crossed.
  • Get on the news – If you or someone in your life has an emotional or inspiring story, contact your local news outlets to see if they

best times of year to shop for a free car from a dealership

End of the model year (September/October) – Dealers will be looking to clear out old inventory to make room for new models. Great time for bargains. Holiday weekends – Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc. Dealers run promotions to get buyers in the door during major holidays.

End of the quarter – Late March, June, September, and December are key months when sales teams push to hit quarterly quotas. Black Friday/Christmas season – Shop late November and December for year-end closeout deals. Slow winter months also motivate dealers.

  • New model launch events – When the next year’s models roll out, old stock gets discounted. Ask dealers about launch events.
  • Spring clearance sales – Dealers may hold special sales starting in February to sell remaining inventory of the current model year.
  • Inventory overload events – When the lot has too much stock, dealers will do anything to clear it out fast.

The key is timing your purchase so you hit a promotion, incentive or clearance sale. By shopping at the right time, you can negotiate the best price, bonuses and freebies. With flexibility and luck, you can drive away in a brand new ride without draining your wallet!

Best Times Of Year To Shop For A Free Car From A Dealership
best times of year to shop for a free car from a dealership

Demo and Loaner Cars

New cars designated for test drives, demonstrations, and loaner use while service repairs are being done typically get discounted deeply when they are eventually sold. Since these vehicles are still technically new but have a few thousand miles on them already, dealers want to move them quickly.

Ask for demos and loaners – Specifically ask your salesperson if they have any demonstrator or loaner vehicles coming off service soon. If they don’t, they may be able to transfer one from another dealer.

Time it right – Know when new model years come out so you can grab demos of the previous year at a steep discount as the dealer makes room for new inventory. Get leftover loaners – Late in a model year, ask about loaner cars the dealer wants to remove before the new model arrives.

Point out mileage – Note the mileage of demos and loaners has lowered their value – you should pay far below sticker price. Bundle a deal – Offer to buy a demo or loaner car only if the dealer gives you a great trade-in value on your current vehicle.


How can I get a free car donated to me?

Contact local charities and explain your situation. If you have a compelling need, they may gift you a donated car, or include you in a raffle drawing for one. You can also share your story with the media. Dealers sometimes donate cars to people featured on the news.

Do dealerships actually give away a free car or cash?

Yes, but it’s rare. Dealers may award free cars as prizes to contest winners or loyal customers. They also occasionally pay people’s car payments for a year in exchange for publicity. Read all contest rules carefully and don’t assume you’ll win. Odds are very low.

How can I get a free car?

Your best chances of getting a free car are first-time buyer incentives, taking over someone’s lease return, or winning a contest/giveaway. Persistence and good timing is key. Explore all possible discounts and rebates. While difficult, some people do occasionally get cars at no cost through extreme couponing.

How do I donate my car to a dealership?

Call dealerships directly and ask if they accept donated cars. Tax laws have made this less common, but some will still take them. Make sure to transfer the title properly and cancel your insurance once they take possession of the car. Get a donation receipt for the value.

I want to buy a car, but I have no money. What can I do?

Consider financing if you have good credit. Take out a loan to cover the full price minus any trade-in value you may get. Otherwise, start saving any amount you can, buy an inexpensive used car with cash, or use public transportation until you can afford a car. Leasing may also be an option.

Q: What are the best times of year to get a free car from a dealership?

A: The best times are major holidays, end of model years in late summer/fall, end of quarter months, and when new model years are released. Dealers offer the biggest incentives when they are eager to move inventory.

Q: What paperwork is required to get a free car?

A: You still need to fill out financing applications and sign purchase agreements even if the out-the-door price is $0. Read all paperwork carefully and make sure advertised rebates are reflected in the final deal.

Q: Do I have to trade in a car to get a free vehicle?

A: Most offers will require a trade-in to qualify for the largest discounts. However, some contests and creative negotiating may still allow you to get a free car without a trade. Check eligibility terms.

Q: Do I have to pay sales tax on a free car?

A: Even if you pay $0 for the vehicle itself, you will still be responsible for applicable sales tax based on the market value. This will vary by state but averages around 6-10% of MSRP.


Getting a free car may seem too good to be true, but with the right timing, negotiation tactics, and combination of incentives, it is possible to drive away in a brand new vehicle without paying anything out of pocket. The key is persistence and creativity.

By continuously monitoring dealer promotions, entering contests and sweepstakes, referring friends, stacking rebates and bonuses, and negotiating extras, you can progressively lower the price of the car. It takes time and diligent effort to uncover the best deals and position yourself to capitalize on them.

But the reward of scoring that final bonus or giveaway that tips you to a free car is worth it. With some planning and patience, you may be able to celebrate the exhilaration of owning a car with zero debt or payments attached. While not easy, the feat is attainable by ordinary people willing to do research,

develop relationships with dealers, and leverage multiple opportunities. The next free car giveaway could be right around the corner. So pay attention, get involved, and make your case persistently and creatively. With the right harmony of luck and preparation, you could become the next winner grinning ear to ear about your brand new free car.

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