how old do you have to be to get a rental car

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Rental Car

Renting a car can be a great way to get around when you need temporary transportation, whether for a road trip, to run errands, or for business travel. However, rental car companies have

age requirements for renting a vehicle that you need to be aware of. Knowing the minimum age to rent a car is important when planning any kind of trip where you want to have the freedom and convenience of driving your own rental car.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about age requirements for renting a car, including:

  • The standard minimum rental age at major car rental companies
  • Why rental companies have age requirements
  • Tips for renting a car under 25
  • Additional fees for younger renters
  • Requirements for adding younger drivers to your rental agreement
  • Renting exotic cars with age restrictions
  • Age requirements around the world
  • When you may need to show ID when picking up your rental
  • Alternative transportation options if you are too young to rent a car

Understanding the minimum rental age and any additional requirements for younger drivers will ensure you are prepared when booking a rental car.

Standard Minimum Rental Ages at Major Companies

Most major rental car companies in the United States require renters to be at least 25 years old. This applies to companies like Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Alamo, National, Dollar, Thrifty, Payless, Sixt, and Europcar. Specifically, the standard minimum age requirements for each are:

  • Enterprise: 25 years
  • Hertz: 25 years
  • Avis: 25 years
  • Budget: 25 years
  • Alamo: 25 years
  • National: 25 years
  • Dollar: 25 years
  • Thrifty: 25 years
  • Payless: 25 years
  • Sixt: 25 years
  • Europcar: 25 years

So if you are under 25 years old, you likely will not be able to rent a car with most major companies. There are some exceptions which we will cover shortly. First, let’s look at why rental car companies have age minimums in the first place.

Standard Minimum Rental Ages At Major Companies
Standard Minimum Rental Ages at Major Companies

Why Rental car Companies Have Minimum Age Requirements

Rental car companies impose age restrictions for renting a vehicle to protect themselves from the higher risks associated with renting to younger, inexperienced drivers. Some of the reasons that car rental agencies require drivers to be 25 or older include:

  • Insurance costs: Younger drivers are statistically more likely to get into accidents than more experienced drivers age 25 and up. Additional risk means higher insurance premiums for rental companies.
  • Liability concerns: Rental companies want to minimize liability for any damage or injuries that could result from renting to a risky, inexperienced driver.
  • Maturity: An older minimum age assumes drivers are more responsible and mature in their mid-20s than their late teens/early 20s.
  • Experience: By 25, drivers have more years behind the wheel and are less likely to engage in risky driving behaviors.
  • Ability to pay: Requiring customers to be 25 ensures they are more likely to have the income or savings to pay for any damages if needed.

By restricting who can rent certain vehicles, rental companies aim to maximize profits and minimize risks. Of course, this affects younger travelers’ ability to rent affordably.

Why Rental Companies Have Minimum Age Requirements
Why Rental Companies Have Minimum Age Requirements

Renting a Car Under 25

For drivers under 25, renting a car can be challenging but is still possible in many cases depending on the rental company. Here are some tips for renters under 25:

Check rental policies: Be sure to check the minimum age requirements and any fees for young drivers on the rental company’s website. Policies vary.

Look for exceptions: Some major companies like Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, Budget and Sixt will rent to people under 25 but charge additional daily fees. Alamo, National and Thrifty rent to drivers as young as 20 in most states.

Consider “teenager friendly” agencies: Smaller, local agencies are more likely to set lower minimum rental ages than the big brands, so search for rental companies welcoming younger drivers near your destination.

See if you can join rewards programs: At some rental companies like Enterprise and National, joining their free rewards program allows younger customers to bypass certain age restrictions.

Check with your own insurance provider: Drivers 18-24 may be covered under their policy, allowing them to rent affordably from companies that accept that insurance coverage.

Renting A Car Under 25
Renting a Car Under 25

Extra Fees for Renters Under 25

The rental car companies that do allow younger drivers under 25 to rent their vehicles typically charge added daily fees above the base rental rate. This is known as a “young renter fee” or “underage fee”.

At Enterprise, Hertz and Avis for example, renters ages 21-24 can expect to pay around $25 extra per day on top of the normal rental costs. Depending on the length of your rental, these young renter fees can add a significant amount to the total reservation cost.

Some rental companies also apply surcharges to renters aged 18-20, which are usually substantially higher than the young renter fees for 21-24 year olds. Expect to pay $30-$50 or more extra per day if you are able to rent between 18-20 years old.

These fees are in place to offset the increased insurance costs and risks associated with younger drivers. Be sure compare total cost including fees so you can budget accordingly.

Extra Fees For Renters Under 25
Extra Fees for Renters Under 25

Adding Younger Drivers to Your Rental Agreement

Many people wonder if someone under 25 can be added as a second driver on someone else’s rental car agreement. Policies for additional drivers under 25 vary by company.

With most major agencies, the primary renter must still meet the minimum age requirement of 25 for that company. Additional drivers can be added for an extra daily fee, as long as they are over 18 and have a valid driver’s license.

However, some companies restrict additional drivers under 21. For example, Hertz does not allow any extra drivers under 21 while the primary renter must be at least 20. Check individual rental company websites for details on their younger additional driver policies before booking.

The primary renter will need to list all additional drivers on the rental agreement, which may require an added daily fee depending on age. Some key tips if you want to add an under 25 year old as a second driver:

  • Verify age limits for co-drivers with the rental company
  • Expect to pay daily surcharges for drivers under 25
  • Have younger extra drivers present approved licenses at pickup
  • Make sure additional drivers are covered by the agreement’s insurance

As long as you meet the rental company’s age rules for primary renters and additional drivers, you can allow younger travelers to drive the rental car with the proper paperwork and fees.

Adding Younger Drivers To Your Rental Agreement
Adding Younger Drivers To Your Rental Agreement

Renting Exotic Cars with Age Restrictions

Dreaming of cruising around in a flashy luxury sports car? If you are under 25, exotic car rentals with companies like Enterprise Exotic Car Collection and Hertz Dream Cars will be out of reach.

Luxury and sports car rental companies typically enforce stricter age minimums than standard vehicle rentals:

  • Enterprise Exotic Car Collection: 30 years old
  • Hertz Dream Cars: 30 years old
  • Sixt Luxury Car Rentals: 28 years old

The high minimum ages for exotic rentals aim to minimize damage risks with expensive vehicles. Some companies may set the bar slightly lower at 25 for renters, but usually add steep daily fees for young exotic car drivers under 30.

Don’t get your hopes up for exotic rentals if you’re still in your teens or early 20s. You’ll have to admire that Ferrari from afar and stick to standard transportation rentals until you pass those milestone birthdays.

Renting Exotic Cars With Age Restrictions
Renting Exotic Cars with Age Restrictions

Rental Age Requirements Around the World

If you are looking to rent a car outside of the United States, be aware that minimum rental ages in other countries differ widely. Here are some of the common minimum ages to rent a car internationally:

  • Canada: 21 years
  • Mexico: 18-25 years depending on agency
  • UK: 21-23 years
  • Ireland: 21-25 years
  • France: 21 years
  • Germany: 18-25 years
  • Italy: 21-25 years
  • Spain: 21-23 years
  • Australia: 21 years
  • New Zealand: 18-25 years

In some destinations like Germany, rental agencies may allow younger driving starting at 18. Other countries like Australia and Canada set the bar at 21 minimum. Always check rental requirements for wherever you are traveling, since you may be surprised at differences in rental age policies.

In many countries, drivers under 25 will still face young renter surcharges on the total car rental rate. Extra fees seem to be the norm worldwide when renting under 25, but minimum ages are at least slightly lower than the U.S. in certain destinations.

Bringing Your ID to Pick Up the Rental

Be sure to bring a valid driver’s license with you when you arrive to pick up your rental car. You will need to provide proper photo ID to the rental car company in order to sign for and take possession of the vehicle.

Other acceptable forms include a passport or state ID card. Make sure any additional drivers are present and also bring their photo IDs. The name(s) on the reservation must match the license(s).

Can you give details on extra charges for younger renters?

Rental car companies typically charge younger renters (age under 25) a Young Renter Fee, which can range from $25-50 per day. This is due to increased insurance costs for younger, less experienced drivers who are considered higher risks.

Some companies prohibit rentals for drivers under 21 or charge high daily surcharges. Make sure to budget these extra fees if renting as a younger driver. Ask the company about discounts for AAA, AARP or military membership.

Can You Give Details On Extra Charges For Younger Renters?
Can you give details on extra charges for younger renters?

What transport options are available for underage individuals?

Some alternatives include riding with a friend or family member who can rent the vehicle, taking a bus, train or airplane, using rideshare services like Uber or Lyft if old enough, booking a shuttle or airport transfer service,

renting bikes or using other local transportation options like subways, streetcars or taxis if available in the area. Tours and guided attractions may also pick people up. Bicycles, scooters or walking could work for shorter trips.

requirements for adding younger drivers to a rental agreement?

Most rental car companies have age and driving experience requirements for adding extra drivers to a rental agreement. The primary renter usually must be at least 25, and any additional drivers must generally be at least 21, or sometimes up to 25 depending on the company.

Extra drivers also need to be present at pickup with a valid license. Their information will be noted on the contract. Fees may apply per underage driver depending on the rental policies. The primary renter is financially responsible for the entire reservation.


What is the age to rent a car in Arizona?

In Arizona, the minimum age to rent a car is 21 years old. However, major rental car companies may have additional requirements such as being at least 25 years old or having more than one year of driving experience. Renters aged 21-24 will likely incur a Young Driver Fee of around $25 per day. It’s advisable to check individual company policies when renting in Arizona if under 25.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in NY?

In New York, you must typically be at least 21 years old to rent a vehicle from major rental car companies. Some companies have a minimum age of 25. Renters aged 21-24 will often face additional daily fees ranging from $25-50 due to insurance considerations. It’s best to verify rental age and any young renter fees directly with rental car companies online before reserving in New York if under the age of 25.

How much does it cost to rent a car?

The cost to rent a car varies depending on factors like rental location, dates, vehicle type/size and extras. On average, expect to pay around $50-75 per day for an economy car on a weekend rental. Mid-size cars are around $60-90/day. To rent for a week usually costs $250-450 total depending on the vehicle and company. Additional costs include taxes, fees and optional insurance. Prices fluctuate seasonally but pricing tools on rental websites provide estimates based on your trip details.

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Utah?

In the state of Utah, most major rental car companies require renters to be at least 21 years old with one year of driving experience. A few companies set the minimum rental age at 25 to reduce insurance rates. As in other states, renting at ages 21-24 will likely trigger an additional Young Renter Fee of $25-50 daily. It’s best to check individual company policies or call ahead for Utah rentals if under 25 to understand age and fee requirements.


The minimum age to rent a car varies depending on the rental company and location. However, most major rental car companies in the United States require renters to be at least 25 years old. A few key points on the typical age requirements:

The standard minimum age is 25, though some companies may allow those as young as 21-23 to rent with an additional young renter fee. Drivers under 25 will likely face higher rental rates due to their increased insurance costs as statistically riskier drivers.

Some rental companies won’t rent to anyone under 21 or may have age limits as high as 26-27 for certain vehicle classes like luxury cars or SUVs. international age limits may be higher, often requiring renters to be 21-23 or older depending on the country.

Being aware of individual rental company policies is important for renters of all ages to understand their options and potential fees before booking a rental car. While many young drivers desire increased independence and freedom of mobility from renting their own car,

safety and financial responsibility must come first. Checking driving records and experience levels is prudent for both renters and rental agencies. Overall, 25 appears to be the standard minimum proving ground for demonstrating sufficient maturity behind the wheel of a rental vehicle.

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