How Much Is Audi Oil Change At Dealership


Audi vehicles are recognized for their sophisticated engineering and premium design. To protect your investment and keep your Audi running smoothly, periodic oil changes are essential. While you can go to independent shops, the dealer service

center has factory-trained technicians and genuine Audi parts. But at what cost? Audi oil change prices are often higher than local mechanic shops but come with added value. In this article, we’ll break down the standard costs for basic Audi oil

changes at dealership service centers. We’ll look at any variations between models, service packages, and locations. You’ll also learn tips for saving money on Audi oil changes without sacrificing quality.

Read on to learn what goes into the price of an Audi oil change, typical costs, and how prices compare between dealerships. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can budget accordingly for this vital maintenance.

Oil Change Service Packages at Audi Dealerships

Audi dealerships don’t offer a simple, one-price-fits-all oil change. Service packages are tailored to each model’s specifications and any additional maintenance needs. However, two tiers of oil change service are typical across most Audi models:

Audi Standard Oil Change

  • Includes oil filter and drain plug gaskets
  • Up to 10 quarts of standard synthetic oil
  • Basic inspection of belts, hoses, tires, etc.
  • No other maintenance items

Audi Premium Oil Change

  • Semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil options
  • New drain plug if needed
  • Multi-point inspection of all systems
  • Additional maintenance like tire rotation, wiper blades, etc. based on factory schedules
  • Higher-cost oil filters and gaskets

The premium service provides more value, especially as vehicles age. Now let’s look at typical pricing ranges.

Estimated Oil Change Costs by Model

Prices vary between Audi models based on engine size, oil capacity, filter types, and labor times. Here are estimates for basic Audi oil changes at the dealership:

Estimated Oil Change Costs By Model
Estimated Oil Change Costs by Model
Audi A3 $120-$150
Audi A4$130-$160
Audi A5$140-$180
Audi A6$150-$190
Audi A7$170-$210
Audi A8$180 – $230
Audi Q3$130-$160
Audi Q7$160-$200
Audi Q8$170-$210
Audi Q5$140-$180
Audi Model And Price

Key Takeaways:

  • Entry models like the A3 and Q3 start around $120-$130 for an oil change at the Audi dealership.
  • Midsize sedan models range from $130-$190 based on size of engine.
  • Larger sedans and SUVs run $180-$230 for oil changes due to more oil capacity.
  • Coupes like the A5 cost slightly more than their sedan counterparts.
  • Premium, synthetic oils and added maintenance items can add $30-$50 to costs.
  • Location, discounts, and service packages impact pricing as well.

Overall Audi oil change pricing is on the higher end but reflects the brand’s premium status and service quality. Next let’s look at specific factors influencing costs.

Variables Impacting Audi Oil Change Prices

Several key factors determine the final price of an Audi oil change:

  • Model – Larger engines hold more oil which equates to higher costs.
  • Location – Labor and facility costs vary between regions.
  • Package – Premium services cost more than a basic oil drain.
  • Oil type – Synthetic grades cost close to double that of conventional oil.
  • Shop fees – Some dealers tack on standard shop charges.
  • Taxes – Parts and labor may be subject to state sales tax.
  • Discounts – Promotions can deduct a few dollars off the normal price.
  • Technician – More experienced techs may charge slightly higher labor rates.

While model and oil type account for the bulk of pricing differences, consider all variables for your specific dealer location. Now let’s look at ways to save money.

Variables Impacting Audi Oil Change Prices
Variables Impacting Audi Oil Change Prices

Tips for Saving Money on Audi Oil Changes

Paying over $200 for an Audi oil change may seem steep. Here are tips for controlling costs:

  • Ask about coupons or current promotions when booking service. Signing up for VIP service plans can save 20% or more.
  • Purchase your own oil and filter to supply the dealer. They’ll likely subtract a small fee from total pricing.
  • Stick to a basic oil change without extra inspections or repairs for older vehicles.
  • Check pricing between dealers to compare rates if you have options in your region.
  • Consider independent Euro shops with certified Audi techs for lower labor rates.
  • Extend oil change intervals from 10k miles up to 15k when driving mostly highway. Check your owner’s manual.

With some creative strategies, you can knock off $50 or more from the typical Audi dealer oil change cost. But never sacrifice oil specs or quality filters purely for cost savings.

Tips For Saving Money On Audi Oil Changes
Tips for Saving Money on Audi Oil Changes

Comparing Service Prices Between Dealerships

Audi oil change costs can vary significantly between dealerships within a metro area. Prices are influenced by:

  • Service center size – Larger dealers incur more overhead costs.
  • Competition – Pricing adjusts based on rival area dealers.
  • Cost of living – Labor, rents, and supplies cost more in expensive cities.
  • Customer base – Dealers in higher income areas may charge more.
  • Brand sales – Top selling dealers leverage volume for lower pricing.
  • Staffing – Higher tech to service advisor ratios affect labor rates.

Don’t assume the nearest dealer will offer the best oil change price. Take time to phone or email a few dealers for quotes. Be sure to compare the same exact service package between dealers. A little research can save good money.

FAQs(Frequent Asked Question)

Q: How much does it cost to get an oil change on an Audi at the dealership?

A: Audi oil changes at dealers typically range from about $120 – $230 depending on the model. Larger sedans and SUVs are at the higher end.

Q: Are Audi oil changes more expensive than other brands?

A: Yes, Audi oil changes do tend to cost more than non-luxury brands due to the use of synthetic oil, premium filters and increased labor rates.

Q: What can affect the price of an Audi oil change?

A: Prices vary based on model, oil grade, additional services, location, dealership size, and current promotions or discounts available.

Q: Is it cheaper to get an Audi oil change from an independent shop?

A: Independent shops can sometimes offer lower labor rates than the dealer, so they may be cheaper for just a basic oil change. However, dealers use factory parts.

Q: Should I use the dealership for oil changes to maintain the warranty?

A: No, you can use any certified shop as long as you have proof of proper servicing. The warranty requires adherence to the factory maintenance schedule.

Q: How often should I change the oil in my Audi?

A: Audi recommends oil changes every 10,000 miles or 1 year under normal driving conditions. Shorter intervals may be needed for frequent stop-and-go driving.

Q: Does Audi offer any discounts on oil changes?

A: Yes, dealers often run promotions for reduced price oil changes. Multi-service packages and prepaid maintenance plans can also lower oil change costs.


Keeping up with regular Audi oil changes protects the sophisticated engineering of your luxury vehicle. While dealership prices are steeper than local shops on average, you get factory-trained techs and 100% genuine parts. Expect to budget $120-$230

for most models, with the premium service making sense for newer Audis. Compare rates between area dealers and use discounts to help offset costs. With some diligent research, you can find a reasonably priced Audi oil change from a premier service center.

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