Car Dealership Jobs

Car Dealership Jobs

Working at a car dealership jobs can be a fast-paced yet rewarding career for those with a passion for cars and sales. This guide covers the many types of car

dealership jobs available, key skills and qualifications, expected salaries, and tips for getting hired and advancing your career at a car dealership in the UK.

Overview of Car Dealership Jobs

There is a diverse range of roles and career paths found within a typical car dealership. Major categories of dealership jobs include:

Sales Jobs

  • Sales Manager – Oversees the entire sales team and dealership sales initiatives and targets. One of the highest levels of management.
  • Sales Executive – The frontline salespeople who interact with customers, demonstrate vehicles, negotiate deals, and close sales.
  • Internet Sales Executive – Focused specifically on generating online leads and sales for the dealership through digital marketing and communications.

Service Jobs

  • Service Manager – Manages the dealership’s service department, technicians, workflow and customer service.
  • Service Advisor – Meets with customers to discuss repair/maintenance needs, provides estimates and follows up on the progress of work.
  • Technician – Skilled mechanics who diagnose issues and complete repairs and maintenance on customer vehicles.
  • Parts Advisor – Manages ordering, stocking, pricing and sales of automotive parts to support the service team.

Support and Administrative Jobs

  • Finance Manager – Oversees financing/lending services and insurance products offered to customers.
  • Receptionist – Greets customers, handles phone inquiries and administrative duties.
  • Cashier – Processes payments for vehicles, parts/service and handles invoicing.
  • Valeter – Prepares new and used vehicles for delivery by cleaning and detailing.
  • Marketing Specialist – Develops and implements advertising and promotions to attract business.
Overview Of Car Dealership Jobs
Overview of Car Dealership Jobs

Key Skills and Qualifications for Dealership Jobs

Certain skills and qualifications are highly sought after when hiring for common dealership jobs:

Sales Roles

  • Persuasive communication skills
  • Resilience and motivation to work on commission
  • Knowledge of dealership’s vehicle inventory
  • Ability to build rapport with diverse clients
  • Experience hitting sales targets and quotas

Service Roles

  • Technical knowledge of automotive systems
  • ASE certifications for technicians
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to explain repairs clearly to clients
  • Organizational skills to manage workload

Support Roles

  • Strong written and verbal communication abilities
  • Attention to detail and record-keeping skills
  • Basic computer proficiency
  • Customer service and phone etiquette
  • Organization and multi-tasking capabilities
Overview Of Car Dealership Jobs
Overview of Car Dealership Jobs

Expected Salaries for Car Dealership Jobs in the UK

Salaries can vary significantly depending on location, dealership size and position seniority. Here are typical earning ranges:

  • Sales Manager – £40,000 to £80,000+
  • Sales Executive – £20,000 to £150,000+ (highly commission-driven)
  • Service Manager – £35,000 to £60,000
  • Service Advisor – £18,000 to £40,000
  • Technician – £20,000 to £50,000+
  • Receptionist – £17,000 to £26,000
  • Cashier – £16,000 to £24,000
  • Valeter – £15,000 to £21,000
  • Marketing Specialist – £20,000 to £35,000

Higher end salaries are found in metro areas and at luxury/high volume dealerships. Many roles also carry sizable commission and performance bonus potential on top of base pay.

Sales Manager£40,000 to £80,000+
Sales Executive£20,000 to £150,000+
Service Manager£35,000 to £60,000
Service Advisor £18,000 to £40,000
Technician£20,000 to £50,000+
dealership job salary

Benefits of Dealership Careers

Working within a car dealership provides some advantages:

  • Opportunity to turn passion for cars into a career.
  • Ability to earn high commissions and incentive bonuses for strong performance.
  • Fast paced, energetic, and social working environment.
  • Manufacturer-sponsored training for growth.
  • Employee discounts on new or used vehicle purchases.
  • Interacting with the latest automotive technology and trends.

For those with the determination to hit sales targets, persistence to keep pursuing leads, and willingness to work irregular hours, a fulfilling, lucrative career in the dealership retail setting is readily achievable.

Benefits Of Dealership Careers
Benefits of Dealership Careers

Tips for Getting Hired and Advancing Your Career

Succeeding in the car dealership industry takes the right mix of qualifications, attitude, and proactive effort. Useful tips include:

  • Obtain formal training and certificates like ASE for technical roles.
  • Build experience in customer service and sales-driven environments.
  • Highlight your passion for cars, brands or driving in applications/interviews.
  • Have a motivated attitude and be energetic about productivity and goals.
  • Ask about advancement opportunities during the hiring process.
  • Continuously improve industry knowledge through manufacturers’ training programs.
  • Cross-train and volunteer for special projects to gain wider expertise.
  • Deliver consistent exceptional service to customers.
  • Network internally to make your aspirations known to management.
  • Maintain professionalism, integrity and teamwork.

With hard work and dedication, car dealership careers can be quite lucrative and fulfilling for automotive enthusiasts. The combination of formal training, brand expertise and customer service skills opens doors to progress through the dealer hierarchy into management. Those able to consistently generate sales and profits while building loyalty are well-positioned for advancement.

qualifications and certifications required for car dealership jobs in the UK

  • MOT Testing Certificate – Required for technicians and mechanics performing Ministry of Transport vehicle tests.
  • NVQ in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair – Popular vocational qualification for service technicians and mechanics demonstrating competency.
  • IMI Level 2 & 3 Vehicle Maintenance – Another well-recognized certification scheme for technicians run by the Institute of the Motor Industry.
  • ASE Certification – American certification but widely recognized for technicians in the UK dealership system.
  • Manufacturer/Brand Specific Training – Most car brands require specialized training to work on their vehicles.
  • Institute of the Motor Industry Membership – Professional association offering recognized qualifications and training.
  • Sales Executive Certification – Offered by the Institute of Sales Management for credentialing sales skills.
    • Finance Qualifications – Formal finance credentials needed for dealership finance manager roles.
    • UK Driving License – Required for various roles involving test drives or vehicle operation.
    • GCSEs and A-Levels – Minimum education for entry-level administrative roles.
    • Bachelor’s Degree – Often needed for management positions. Business degrees preferred.

Proactively obtaining recognized qualifications can improve candidates’ competitiveness for securing a dealership job and advancing within the industry. Many top employers provide on-the-job training too.


What are the most common jobs at a car dealership?

Salespeople, sales managers, finance/F&I staff, service technicians, service advisors, parts staff, general manager, and dealer principal are the most prevalent roles.

What qualifications do I need to work in car sales?

No formal qualifications are required beyond secondary schooling, but previous sales experience and strong negotiation skills help tremendously.

How much do dealership salespeople earn in the UK?

Many sales reps earn £20,000 – £35,000 in base salary plus commission, which can significantly boost overall compensation.

Do car dealerships offer apprenticeships?

Yes, many major brands offer apprentice programs for aspiring technicians as well as traineeship schemes for future managers.

What are typical working hours for dealership jobs?

Hours tend to be long and irregular, including evenings and weekends. Expect 50+ hours per week in many roles, especially sales.

How can I get my first car dealership job with no experience?

Start by searching for entry level positions like sales trainee, administrative assistant, or apprentice technician openings. These provide on-the-job training.

Is continual training required working at a car dealership?

Yes, ongoing manufacturer-sponsored qualifications and professional development are encouraged and required to progress into management positions.

How much do qualified mechanics make at dealerships?

Experienced technicians can earn £25,000 to £40,000+ including manufacturer incentive bonuses. Master technicians earn even more.

What benefits do car dealership jobs typically offer?

Benefits may include commission/bonuses, employee vehicle purchase discounts, pensions, health insurance, and manufacturer-sponsored training.

Is a university degree required for dealership management roles?

While not always mandatory, a degree helps fast track candidates to higher level positions more quickly.


Working for a multi-brand or single line car dealership can be an exciting career move for those interested in cars, business operations, customer experience and sales. With training and dedication, ample opportunities exist to grow professionally across sales, technical and support functions.

This guide provided an inside look at the varied job roles within dealerships, typical salaries, qualifications to boost employability, and advice for long-term success and career progression in the dealership industry. Use the information to make informed choices about pursuing your ideal car dealership job and reaching your career potential.

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